Journal du Net: La démocratisation du header bidding menace-t-elle les SSP ?

La démocratisation du header bidding menace-t-elle les SSP ?

“Rubicon, Smart, Pubmatic … Most   SSPs  today are like ad-networks whose only concern is to consolidate their market share with publishers.” For this connoisseur of the  adtech  market the time When the SSPs Were a control tower Allowing a publisher to manage ict Entire programmatic strategy is already far away. The reason for a change of course? The header bidding which, by simplifying the integration of new partners (and their exclusion if the collaboration is disappointing) via a wrapper, is open to market hitherto locked by exclusive agreements between the French publishers and the dominant four SSPs: Google’s DFP, Appnexus, Rubicon Project and Smart. Aufeminin or 20 Minutes, which started at header bidding, is now accessible via the dozen SSPs that have connected to their wrapper, against only a few years ago.

If the democratization of header bidding has been for SSPs such as Pubmatic, Improve Digital or Index Exchange, a real salvation, it now raises the question of their added value. Because now, the inventory they offer to the  DSP  is accessible to most of their competitors. “In this new ecosystem where everyone works with everyone, the SSP does not have many other options than to be more aggressive commercially,” said the French leader of one of them. The  margin  of an actor like Rubicon would thus have gone from 28 to 12% in the space of a few years. That of Appnexus fell to 8.5% while it is close to 10% at Smart. An erosion of sales force  , supported by account managers and business managers. Here again to go to the small papers of the editors … Until the point of no return?

Our connoisseur of the market is convinced of this. “Media boards will eventually get rid of PHC because of their added value declines, as they did 10 years ago with Hi-Media, Horyzon Media and others,” he said. He imagines these editors decide to connect directly to the actors of demand, the DSPs, via their wrapper. As they already do with two big programmatic buyers: Criteo and Amazon. The opportunity also for them to recover from the commission of disintermeded PHC. Like   Le Monde and Le Figaro launching their commercial marketplace Skyline  to recover that of third-party companies like Teads or Sublime Skinz.

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