ExchangeWire: Fraternité Is the Main Message of ATS Paris 2019

Charles Emeriau d'Index Exchange sur scène pour l'ATS Paris 2019

On Wednesday 3 April, ExchangeWire presented ATS Paris 2019 in front of some of the finest minds within the French digital advertising industry. Whilst the range of vendors, agencies, and publishers was highly diverse, a few core themes began to make themselves present over the course of the day.

The proposal for a single, or at least a select few, standard (s) for user identification has been suggested throughout several of the panels. GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) platforms is important to consider, while increasing user satisfaction is more likely to reach as opposed to being lost in the face of mismatched data.

Another key theme throughout the day was how to effectively manage the industry. Closer relationships between big data firms and publishers, and between supply side and demand-side providers, have been suggested to facilitate the use of information.

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